La Paz de Susan

Link here to La Paz de Susan, Sister Susan Dewitt's blog about working with PazSalud and living in El Salvador from 2009 through 2013.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sr. Eleanor Memorial

The untimely passing of Sr. Eleanor Gilmore this past July saddened everyone whose life she touched.  As the founder of PazSalud, she made such an impact on so many Salvadorans that the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace and PazSalud knew her life and time in El Salvador had to be commemorated and celebrated.

Sister’s Susan, Margaret Byrne, Margaret Jane and Grace flew down to El Salvador a few weeks ago and working with PazSalud, we organized a mass and lunch where people had a chance to express their love and affection for Sr. Eleanor.

The CSJP sisters presenting Sr. Eleanor's picture to the mass celebrants

Sr. Susan speaking at the celebration

Sr. Margaret Jayne

More testimony of Sr. Eleanor's friendship

Lunch buffet

Monday, January 5, 2015

Visiting Walther

During one of Kathy’s recent trip to El Salvador, we called up Walther and arranged to visit him.  Walther – PazSalud’s first scholarship student – is currently finishing up his studies in engineering and working with a team tasked with designing and installing a municipal drinking water system for his small pueblo just outside Panchimalco.  We got to see his job site and meet his coworkers then we went to his house to greet his family.  It was a great afternoon in a really beautiful part of El Salvador.

Walther and coworkers

Control panel of the well driller used for the project

Walther, his grandma and niece